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Wallet Wellness offers you financial and money saving tips for dental and vision health. From exploring what it takes to keep your eyes sharp and smile glowing, to insurance FAQs and more, when it comes to staying healthy on a budget, Wallet Wellness has you covered.

How should your budget drive your health?

62% of all bankruptcies in America are driven by health insurance and medical care costs. Unexpected costs can be financially devastating for families, especially for those without a sound healthcare budget. It can also take a toll on a family’s health and well-being...

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Dealing with a Claim? Here’s How to Navigate

Follow These Tips to Navigate Dental Insurance Claims With Ease We get dozens of questions every day from dental insurance customers about how claims are processed and how they can save more on their dental costs. To get a clear understanding, I went to the Starmount...

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Struggling to Understand Your Insurance Bill?

Here’s a useful analogy to help you understand how your dental insurance works. Imagine you’re enjoying a peaceful afternoon at home when a pipe bursts in your home and water starts leaking from your ceiling. You call a plumber and ask that they come out as soon as...

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How Routine Exams Make Your Wallet Happy

There’s a common misconception when it comes to routine exams and expenses. Do you find that you avoid scheduling your routine dental and eye exams because you fear the cost or don’t have the time? Actually, routine oral and eye exams can save you money in the long...

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