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Things You Can Do to Protect Your Eyes as You Age

Protect Your Eyes as You Age With These Tips Nowadays, you have to be more diligent to protect your eyes as you age. Degenerating eyesight related to the normal aging process can sneak up on you: You might suddenly find yourself holding your cellphone farther away to...

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Proven Eye Protection Tips: Computer Screens

Eye protection is more important than ever in the age of device screens. Computers have made life more convenient in many ways, but looking at a screen all day can be hard on your eyes. You may feel like your eyes are tired after a long day, or you might get headaches...

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Getting Over Your Fear of Contacts

Your eye is designed to keep foreign objects out: Lashes guard it, tears wash away specks of dust and sensitivity lets you know that sticking things in it can be painful. So how do you get past your fear of contacts and used to inserting lenses? Lots of practice. Even...

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