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What You Need to Know About Vision Insurance

It’s good to know what you need to know about vision insurance ... Really You rely on your eyesight to work, play and understand the world around you. Your vision benefits can help you protect your eyes and keep them healthy—but only if you understand your vision plan...

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Bottom Line: Is Vision Insurance Necessary?

Vision insurance benefits can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, since they’re often provided separately from health insurance. But having a plan to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear is important for long-term health. In this SmileInSight post, we answer...

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A Millennial’s Insights Into Vision Insurance

When Kate Benedetto crossed the stage to accept her well-earned college degree, she knew nothing about vision benefits. However, that was about to change when she entered the professional workforce and accepted a position as a marketing specialist at Starmount, Unum’s...

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How Do I Get Vision Insurance?

If your eyesight is a little fuzzier lately, it’s probably time for an eye exam. And if you’ve been putting an eye exam off because you lack a vision insurance plan, you might be asking yourself, "How do I get vision insurance?" Now is the time to review your options....

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What Does My Vision Insurance Cover?

Vision insurance plans work a little differently than health insurance plans, as they don’t often have co-insurance or different levels of coverage. The amount of coverage can vary depending on your policy, so understanding your plan will help you get the most out of...

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