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How to Attract New Dental Patients

How to attract new dental patients? Joining a great network is a good way to start. But you can do more. Read on! Whatever is on their plates, your prospective patients are balancing a lot. A visit to the dentist is one more thing to balance. But when you make it easy...

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Why Do Dentists Join Dental Networks?

Why do dentists join dental networks? Many dental networks promise that dentists who join will benefit from easier claims and administrative processes, more sustainable income streams, access to new patients and an opportunity to grow more profitable practices. Here’s...

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Can You Just Get Dental Insurance?

You Can Just Get Dental Insurance ... If That's All You Need If your employer doesn’t provide dental insurance, you may wonder how to just get dental insurance coverage. After all, preventive dental care can go a long way toward protecting your overall health....

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How Can I Get Dental Insurance Coverage?

Dental care is an important part of your overall health care, so getting dental coverage is vital. But, “How can I get dental insurance?” you say. Fortunately there are several ways you can get coverage for your dental care, helping ensure you get regular checkups and...

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