Author: Susan Shoptaugh

What Your Tongue Says about Your Health

What happens in your mouth can affect your overall health. Keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth gleaming can take work. You probably already know that maintaining a healthy smile means brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. You may even gargle with mouthwash on a routine basis. But what if none of your efforts leads to a healthy looking tongue? If you can relate to any of the following questions, your tongue may be telling you it’s time to take action. Suffering with an overly dry tongue? A dry tongue is telling you that your mouth isn’t producing...

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3 Habits You’re Proud of That Hurt Your Teeth

Bad Dental Habits You Need to Break Today Everyone is after the perfect pair of pearly whites, but some of the habits you may have thought were helping your teeth could be causing damage. Here are three bad dental habits to stop today! The Post-Coffee Brush We’ve all been there, those mornings when you wake up in desperate need of that first cup of coffee. By the time you’ve gotten through your morning routine, that bitter taste sends you back to the sink for a good brush. What you don’t realize is that the sugar from the coffee is...

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