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Dental Insurance: The Benefits of Staying In-Network

Whether you’re currently enrolled in a dental plan or shopping for one, it’s important (and financially beneficial) to understand the concept of “staying in-network.” Visiting an in-network provider can benefit you in three ways: lower out-of-pocket expenses, no extra charges, and no paperwork for claims. For example, let’s say “Jill” is looking for a dental plan and she finds two of the most common types, PPO and Fee Schedule: PPO Network: With a dental PPO plan, she has access to a network of providers who have agreed to accept negotiated, discounted rates for their services, often 10% to 15%...

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5 Ways Medications Can Affect Your Oral Health

Many prescribed and over-the-counter medications can cause problems for your oral health. Surprisingly, even vitamins and minerals can have negative impacts. It’s important to be mindful of symptoms these may cause so that you can discuss any changes in your oral health with your dentist. If you have undergone or are about to undergo cancer treatment, your dentist should be informed as soon as possible. Necessary dental work may need to be completed before you begin, or continue, to take chemotherapy medications. These medications are known to significantly affect your teeth, gums and jaw. And while we do address...

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Financial Wellness for Millennials – Written by a Millennial

What is financial wellness and how can we achieve it? Financial wellness is the idea of being satisfied with your current financial situation which includes your: Financial behaviors (budgeting, spending, saving) Financial attitudes Financial knowledge Financial goals It’s up to you to determine if your financial status is satisfactory. However, many will agree that the ability to pay day-to-day bills, donate to charity, have zero credit card debt and both emergency and retirement savings makes for a satisfactory financial status. All of these goals, in combination, play an important role in achieving financial wellness—which can be quite difficult for...

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10 Best and Worst States for Oral Health

State of Decay Dental health problems can happen to anyone, anywhere – but some states are noted for their particular “state of decay,” according to the American Dental Association’s (ADA) 2015 Oral Health & Well-Being in the United States report. The Study The ADA’s report summarizes self-reported data based on participants’ oral health status, attitudes and dental care behavior, using an innovative household survey. We examined two criteria presented in the report to list best and worst states based on oral health: (1) overall condition of mouth and teeth and (2) dental problems due to condition of mouth and teeth....

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How should your budget drive your health?

62% of all bankruptcies in America are driven by health insurance and medical care costs. Unexpected costs can be financially devastating for families, especially for those without a sound healthcare budget. It can also take a toll on a family’s health and well-being when fitness, routine exams and nutritious foods suddenly become too costly. But, by determining expected costs, trimming where you can, and planning for the unexpected, you can save money and boost your health. 1. Determine your fixed and variable costs, and plan for unexpected expenses. It’s fairly simple to determine your fixed and variable costs. Fixed...

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