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The Ins and Outs of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity: It can come on suddenly. You’re drinking hot coffee or eating ice cream and, without warning, your tooth twinges. Or it can develop over time; brushing your teeth might feel irritating instead of invigorating. No matter how it shows up, tooth sensitivity is a common complaint, and it can indicate more serious problems for your teeth. “Tooth sensitivity is the irritation of the nerve endings inside the tooth,” said Dr. Ziad Jalbout, D.D.S. It’s caused by the exposure of the dentine—the layer of the tooth below the white hard enamel of the teeth—to the oral environment, he...

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What Your Affordable Dental Insurance Plan Should Include

Finding an affordable dental insurance plan that covers what you need can be tricky, but it’s helpful to know the difference between “must-have” and “would be nice to have” when it comes to coverage. “There are thousands of dental insurance plans, and each one is a little different from the next,” says dentist Gary Glassman. “It’s important to be a smart consumer and make it your job to understand the details of your dental insurance plan.” Open Enrollment is a great time to protect your oral health. Get a free quote, choose the Starmount dental insurance plan that’s best...

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How to Pick Individual Dental Insurance

If your employer doesn’t offer group dental insurance or if you work as a contractor, you may need to pick out your own individual dental insurance plan, and this can seem confusing. There are a lot of terms and percentages to wade through, as well as network considerations. It can be hard to feel like you’re picking the right plan. There are two key areas for you to focus on as you sort through individual dental insurance options: “Cost and covered services are key considerations,” said Suzanne Ducote, director of individual business development at Starmount Life Insurance. “You want...

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Buying Glasses Tips: 3 Fancy Features for Your Eyeglasses

Buying glasses means more choices than just the frames. The evolution of lenses has made it possible to add many new features that improve your vision and comfort. “Glasses today have become so much more than a medical device,” says Kari St. Louis, a certified optician. “They are fashionable and, like most technology, offer upgrades and add-ons that constantly are being enhanced.” Here are three of the most useful ones you should know about. Buying Glasses Tip 1: Anti-Reflective Coating Anti-reflective coating helps the lenses absorb the harsh glare from all kinds of light instead of entering your eye,...

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How to Make the Latest Eyewear Trends Work for You

Eyeglasses have moved beyond being a medical necessity and are now seen as a vital part of a person’s style. Whether bold or traditional, the latest eyewear trends make it easy to use your glasses to express your own personal flair. “Eyewear is quickly becoming today’s hottest fashion statement,” Chicago optometrist Mila Petkovic said. “Eyewear is a great way to incorporate today’s seasonal trends.” Here are some things to keep in mind as you adapt these trends to your style and prescription. Consider Your Face’s Shape The same pair of glasses will look different on different faces, so it’s...

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