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Can You Just Get Dental Insurance?

You Can Just Get Dental Insurance … If That’s All You Need If your employer doesn’t provide dental insurance, you may wonder how to just get dental insurance coverage. After all, preventive dental care can go a long way toward protecting your overall health. Fortunately, it’s possible to purchase individual dental insurance plans for yourself and your family. Even better, you don’t have to wait for an enrollment window or qualifying event to sign up. The key is doing your homework. “As a dentist, I see a lot of patients who do not exactly know what they have in...

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What You Need to Know About Vision Insurance

It’s good to know what you need to know about vision insurance … Really You rely on your eyesight to work, play and understand the world around you. Your vision benefits can help you protect your eyes and keep them healthy—but only if you understand your vision plan clearly. Do you know what you need to know about vision insurance? “It’s important for people to understand vision benefits because the coverage can be very confusing and not all plans are the same,” said optometrist Dr. Gina Lippi. “Often, it’s relatively inexpensive to add vision benefits to your existing insurance,...

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Bottom Line: Is Vision Insurance Necessary?

Vision insurance benefits can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, since they’re often provided separately from health insurance. But having a plan to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear is important for long-term health. In this SmileInSight post, we answer the question, “Is vision insurance necessary?” “Regular visits to an eye-health and vision-care provider are important for everyone, regardless of their stage in life,” said Dr. James Venable, vice president for clinical programs at Southern College of Optometry. Whether you have vision insurance or are considering buying a vision insurance plan, here’s what you need to know...

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Can You Buy Dental Insurance Any Time? (Yep!)

Dental care isn’t included in your regular health insurance; it’s a separate form of coverage that some employers don’t provide to employees. So if you need to buy dental insurance, when is a good time? Can you buy dental insurance any time? “Generally speaking, one can apply for an individual dental insurance plan at any time,” said Joel Ohman, certified financial planner. Important dental insurance terms to know: Deductibles: A deductible is the amount you pay before the insurer begins to pay for covered services. Co-insurance: This term refers to the percentage of a dental service that you’re responsible...

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6 High-Tech Ways to Take Better Care of Your Teeth

We’ve gotten used to high-tech innovations that help us take care of our health. Wearable fitness trackers that sync with data-driven apps have become pretty common, for example. But did you know there are also tech tools to help you take better care of your teeth? Advances in technology have made dental care more effective and convenient, as well as, in some cases, more fun. “Technology is ever-evolving and a great benefit to patients in the office and at home,” said New York dentist Dr. Edward Alvarez. Whether it’s getting kids to brush longer or giving you a dentist-eye...

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