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What to Know About Dental Insurance

Insurance can sometimes feel a little confusing, and dental insurance is no exception. It’s hard to know what to know about dental insurance. But understanding your dental insurance plan will help you keep your teeth strong and healthy, as well as help prevent oral issues in the future. And because dental care is an important part of health care, dental insurance can pay off for more than just your mouth. So it pays to know about dental insurance. “The signs and symptoms of more than 120 medical conditions can be detected first by an oral exam of the mouth,...

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What Does My Vision Insurance Cover?

Vision insurance plans work a little differently than health insurance plans, as they don’t often have co-insurance or different levels of coverage. The amount of coverage can vary depending on your policy, so understanding your plan will help you get the most out of it and help protect your eyesight. If you’re asking, “What does my vision insurance cover?” you’ve come to the right place. “Vision plans are essential because of the fact that your prescription continually changes and you should be updating your glasses regularly,” said Dr. Chris Day, an optometrist. “Vision plans, as a rule, don’t cover...

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Is It Worth It to Have Dental Insurance? Yes!

Is It Worth It to Have Dental Insurance? You Bet! Purchasing your own dental insurance plan can feel like a hassle—enough that you may occasionally wonder: Is it worth it to have dental insurance? Like an auto insurance plan, it may seem like you’re not getting out of it what you put into it. But when you consider the alternative, dental insurance plans can help protect your teeth, your wallet and your overall health. “Having dental insurance or a dental plan can help improve a patient’s oral health as well as their overall health,” said Dr. Kimberly Harper, a...

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What to Do When You Have Trouble With Your Dental Insurance

Dodge Trouble With Your Dental Insurance Chances are you don’t think about your dental insurance policy very often, at least, not until you need it. At that moment, you might find yourself full of questions about what’s covered, what’s not and what you’re on the hook for in terms of out-of-pocket payment—and you’re not in the mood for hassles or trouble with your dental insurance. You’re not alone. “Oftentimes someone will go along with healthy teeth, and then they’re suddenly told they need a crown or a root canal and they need to understand how it works,” said Julie...

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Things You Can Do to Protect Your Eyes as You Age

Protect Your Eyes as You Age With These Tips Nowadays, you have to be more diligent to protect your eyes as you age. Degenerating eyesight related to the normal aging process can sneak up on you: You might suddenly find yourself holding your cellphone farther away to see it, or going home with eyestrain at the end of the work day. Age-related changes to your eyesight may be unavoidable, but there are ways to help mitigate some of them. “Our eyes age as the rest of our bodies, meaning diet and lifestyle make up a big part of how...

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