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Defining Dental Insurance Terms

Learning the lingo: Common Dental Plan Terminology Don’t let insurance terms intimidate you. We’ve provided a high-level explanation of some basic dental plan terminology. This quick list may help you identify important elements of a dental plan. Important Plan Terms PPO Network – An insurance company or preferred provider organization contracts with providers to participate in the network. In the contract, the provider agrees to charge the insurance company’s customer a set, discounted rate for certain services and procedures. Therefore, using an in-network provider will save you money. Annual/Benefit Year Maximum – This is the maximum amount that a...

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The 411 on Sunglasses and Eye Protection

Preserve Eyesight with Sunglasses that Protect Your Eyes from harmful UV rays Although sunglasses are available in various colors and designs, style is just a fringe benefit. Sunglasses are a necessity, not an accessory. The truth is that sunglasses play an important role in preserving your eyesight by protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. But, not all sunglasses were created equal, and not all sunglasses provide sufficient solar protection. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the sun’s biggest threat to your eyes and your eye health and can cause long-term and short-term damage to your vision. If your eyes...

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The Human Eye and Eye Color

Do you know where your eye color comes from? Several sources report that only two percent of the world’s population has green eyes, making it the rarest eye color. However, violet, amber and black eyes are also uncommon, while brown eyes are the most common. Whatever the shade of your eyes, it’s unique to you. Embrace it! And, if you ever wondered how you got your eye color, keep reading. What determines eye color? The colored part of your eye is called the iris, and it’s actually a muscle that controls the pupil and the amount of light that...

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Could Eye Color Affect Your Vision?

What you need to know about eye color and your eyesight. Ever notice that it’s usually the coworker with light colored eyes complaining about the brightness of the office’s artificial lighting? Or, maybe you’re the light-eyed friend that can never adjust your eyes to the sunny outdoors as quickly as all your brown eyed pals. Well, there is a good explanation for this – one that contains important eye health information. People with light-colored eyes can be more sensitive to light, and are at higher risk for some types of vision disease. What is eye color? Eye color is...

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