How to attract new dental patients? Joining a great network is a good way to start. But you can do more. Read on!

Whatever is on their plates, your prospective patients are balancing a lot. A visit to the dentist is one more thing to balance. But when you make it easy for new patients, you increase the odds of getting them in the door. If you’re looking to attract new dental patients, consider these ideas for your practice.

Build a Stellar Reputation to Attract New Dental Patients

Word-of-mouth marketing—which is both free and effective—is some of the most valuable engagement you can earn. People are more likely to believe what friends and families tell them than they are to believe advertisements. Create connections with your existing patients. Provide them great value and even better experiences. They will spread the word. You also might consider providing incentives to patients who make referrals or offering specials to new patients. And good reviews in social media and other online platforms are extremely valuable.

But don’t stop there—build relationships with other dental and healthcare providers as well as with your broader community. To increase your community outreach efforts and broaden your network, consider sponsoring local events or volunteering on a board.

Make It Easy for Patients to Find You

Your website is a 24-hour source for people looking for information. Creating a strong web presence and identity will make it simple for prospective new patients to find you.

Build a professional website that provides an engaging and interactive experience. In addition to making your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, increase your website’s search engine rankings. For instance, use keywords throughout the site that are tied to your practice’s location and the services you offer. Create a blog to share tips and knowledge. Include photos and testimonials, and make contact information easy to find. Make sure that every page describes the value that you offer and asks new dental patients to visit you with calls to action.

You also can enhance your web presence and outreach through social media and email marketing, by making sure that your practice is listed in online directories and by encouraging online reviews. In addition to your web efforts, participating in dental networks will make it easier for more patients to find you.

Make It Convenient to See You

Having a convenient location and hours are crucial. Know who your target new patients are, and make yourself available when and where they need you. For example, if you want to attract children or people who work full time, consider offering extended evening or weekend hours.

Give patients the option of requesting appointments online through your website. And train staff members who answer your phones with the skills they need to convert those calls into appointments.

Once your new patients are in the door, make sure you provide positive experiences. Hire and retain staff members who are friendly and inviting. Provide excellent care. Be respectful and responsive to patient needs. Follow up and build relationships with them for the long run.

An old sales tenet goes: “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Show your patients that you really care, and they’ll help you attract new dental patients.


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